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Application is restricted to persons interested in Child Life Specialist career.

Mandatory dates:
Commitment: June through August
Application Deadline: April 19
Information Session:  To be determined
Orientation: Wednesday, May 27, 10 am - 2:30 pm

Bronson Application to Volunteer

Kalamazoo, Child Life Pre-Practicum Experience

Bronson Methodist Hospital


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Public positions assist visitors and outpatients by greeting, giving directions and escorting.
- Positions include: Information Desk, Department Escort and Gift Shop Assistant
Inpatient positions have patient interaction, assist unit staff and provide amenities to inpatients.
- Positions include: Flower Delivery, Emergency Department, Patient Visitor, Pet Therapy and Pediatric Unit (Kalamazoo only)
Office positions provide clerical assistance in a hospital department or office.

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    Application Agreement

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    All applications will be reviewed.  However, not all applicants will be interviewed.

    Bronson does not discriminate in regards to race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, veteran status or any other characteristics protected by law.

    I hereby certify that the information provided on this application (and any accompanying documents) is correct, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that any false information, representations or omissions may disqualify me from further consideration for volunteering.

    I understand that Bronson Healthcare's volunteer screening process will include a search of criminal conviction history from the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

    I hereby give my consent for Bronson, through an authorized testing service of its choice, to collect blood, urine, hair or saliva samples, or other fluid or tissue samples from me and to conduct any other necessary medical tests to determine the presence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances, and I hereby release Bronson from any liability arising out of such tests or results. Further, I give my consent for the release of the test results and other relevant medical information to authorized Bronson management for appropriate review. I understand that in order to be considered for volunteering at Bronson, I must be drug and alcohol free, as confirmed by such testing. If I am accepted for volunteering at Bronson, I hereby consent to be tested in the above manner while volunteering, in Bronsons judgment, such testing is appropriate, and I acknowledge that remaining free of illegal or unauthorized drug use is a condition to volunteer at Bronson.

    If brought on as a volunteer, I agree to abide by the rules and policies of Bronson. I understand that my volunteering with Bronson is for an indefinite term, and I am subject to termination at any time with or without notice and with or without cause.

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